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General information

Sliding and lift-and-slide system with excellent thermal insulation and narrow profile width in view

The modular, scalable Schüco ASE 60 sliding and lift-and-slide system impresses with outstanding thermal insulation, a narrow visible profile width, and comprehensive solutions in terms of design, aesthetics, and comfort.

A particular advantage lies in the possibility of individually configuring the sliding system in terms of comfort and design. Optional equipment components such as Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose ensure the highest level of security and operating quality. The narrow contact zones of the sashes enable a seamless integration of the interior with the surroundings, while the threshold flush with the floor eliminates barriers during passage.

Thanks to concealed hardware elements, the profile system provides high-quality design even in the open position.

The certification of the sliding and lift-and-slide system for burglary resistance ensures compliance with elevated security requirements.

Technical data

  • Min. sash height: 1334 mm
  • Max. sash height: 3500 mm
  • Min – Max. sash height: 1334…3500 mm
  • Min. sash width: 630 mm
  • Max. sash width: 3500 mm
  • Min – Max. sash width: 630…3500 mm
  • Front width of the sash frame: 82 mm
  • Front width of the locking area min.: 40 mm
  • Depth of the system min.: 140 mm
  • Depth of the system min. – max.: 140…232 mm
  • Uw value of the window: ≥1.1 W/(m²·K)
  • Sound insulation RwP max.: 41 dB(A)
  • Watertightness: E 900
  • Burglary resistance: Up to RC 2
  • Type of operation: Manual
  • Max. sash weight: 500 kg
  • Min. front width: 40 mm
  • Glass/panel thickness max.: 40 mm
  • Uf value of the frame: ≥1.8 W/(m²·K)
  • Sash thickness: 60 mm
  • Max. element width: 21000 mm
  • Max. element height: 3500 mm
  • Min. front width of the mullion: 40 mm
  • Front width of the mullion min. – max.: 40…107 mm
  • Front width of the movable mullion: 172 mm
  • Front width of the movable mullion min. – max.: 172…192 mm
  • Glass/panel thickness min. – max.: 24…40 mm
  • Threshold height: < 12.5 mm