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General information

Standard series of windows, offering great flexibility in choosing the degree of thermal insulation with maximally improved installation in SimplySmart technology.
The Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window, since its launch in 2005 (then part of the Schüco AWS modular window system), has been developed into a standard series. In order to meet future statutory requirements and better adapt the product to the competitive conditions of the market, the Schüco AWS 75.Si+ window has not only been optimised and made more flexible in terms of thermal insulation, but also adapted for easier installation with SimplySmart technology.
In addition to reducing the Uf heat transfer coefficient by another 0.1 W/(m²K) to Uf = 1.2 W/(m²K) (with an external frame width of 117 mm), the need to change the installation depth was eliminated and the possibility of serial production was provided.
Apart from making the choice of thermal insulation more flexible, the installation process itself with the use of a central gasket and glazing rebate insulation is very important in this series. The already known installation systems based on a vulcanised gasket frame or a metre gasket with ready-made corners have been supplemented with another variant – a continuous centre gasket design. In addition, the processing of the insulation of the under-glass rebate was facilitated by the use of ready-made corners. This avoids cutting and allows you to place the bridges properly at once. Combination with the new generation of mechanical fittings SchücoAvanTec succeeded in significantly reducing installation time.


  • continuous, installation-optimised centre gasket – as an option to ensure more efficient processing and reduction of the processes necessary for the execution
  • easier processing of glass rebate insulation thanks to the profiles: no more manual, time-consuming processing and shorter installation time

Technical data

Installation depth

  • 75 mm
    Min. external profile width
  • 91 mm
    Uf coefficient (>=)
  • 0.90
    Max. glazing thickness
  • 61 mm
    Inward and outward
  • opening
    insulation tests [dB]
  • 48
    Air permeability
  • Class 4
  • 9A
    Burglar resistance
  • RC 3
    Resistance to wind load
  • C5/B5
    Surface finishing
  • Powder / Anode / Varnish / Duraflon / Color series.