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General information

The MB-86 window and door system has very good parameters that will meet various needs of users. The profile construction comes in three variants depending on the requirements for thermal energy savings: ST, SI, and AERO.
MB-86 is the first aluminium window and door system that employs silica aerogel, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, the system features exceptional profile strength that allows for greater windows in size and weight.

  • wide thermal breaks with a new shape for an additional partition in the profile insulation zone
  • two-component centre gasket provides excellent sealing and thermal insulation between the leaf and the frame
  • many types of profiles guarantee the required aesthetics and construction strength.
  • glazing beads with additional sealing and available in three variants: Standard, Prestige, and Style
  • profile shapes for installation of various types of hardware including concealed hinges
  • wide range of glazing sizes for the use of all types of glazing including two-chamber, acoustic, and anti-burglary glazing
  • water draining available in two variants: traditional and concealed

Technical data

Air permeability: windows: class 4, doors: class 3, PN-EN 12207:2001
Watertightness: windows class E 1500 Pa, doors: class 5A (200 PA) PN-EN 12208:2001
Thermal insulation (Uf):
MB-86 ST: windows: from 1.39 W/(m2K), doors: from 2.16 W/ (m2K)
MB-86 SI: windows: from 0.92 W/(m2K), doors: from 1.76 W/ (m2K), doors: MB-86 SI+: from 1.49 m2K
MB-86 AERO: windows: from 0.57 W/(m2K),
doors: from 1.22 W/(m2K)
Resistance to wind load:
windows: class C5, doors: class C1/B1, PN-EN 12210:2001

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