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General information

Corona S 150 is a system of plastic profiles based on the Corona CT 70 system. It is used to manufacture balcony, terrace, and conservatory doors. This system features the best thermal properties, large unit sizes and it is easy to operate. Narrow face widths ensure maximum light penetration. The system provides a wide range of door opening and design versions.


  • Wall thicknesses according to RAL-GZ/ 716 and DIN EN 12608 Class A
  • Two brush seals on the perimeter at the leaf rebate for improved weathertightness
  • Perfectly-sized reinforcement chambers meet the highest structural requirements
  • Easy to operate even with increased leaf weights.
  • Profiles with a leaf thickness of 70 mm ensure very good thermal insulation
  • PVC on the perimeter minimises heat loss
  • Perfectly sized reinforcing profiles in the leaf frame ensure maximum stability and durability
  • The system is suitable for manufacturing large-size structures.
  • The system offers a wide range of single colours as well as colours imitating wood

Technical data

  • Frame installation depth 150 mm.
  • Leaf installation depth 70 mm.
  • Glazing unit thickness up to 40 mm
  • Profile thermal insulation Uf = 1.8 W/(m2K)
  • Leaf weight up to 250 kg