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General information

A lift-and-slide door for terraces with weldable EPDM glazing gaskets combines thermal protection in low-energy building standard with a sleek design.

The product is available in the full Schüco colour range including AutomotiveFinish colours and in a version with aluminium cover caps.

The new lift-and-slide system from Schüco combines maximum fabrication and installation efficiency with the highest standards of comfort and design.

The innovative Schüco LivIngSlide lift-and-slide system has been designed on the basis of the Schüco LivIng system dimensions, as the basic leaf installation depth is 82 mm.

A particular highlight of the Schüco LivIngSlide system includes factory-rolled, weldable EPDM glazing gaskets in the leaf frame. They ensure soft inner corners even after the welding process and thereby optimum weathertightness in this area. Continuous sealing on several levels between the leaf and frame trim also reliably prevents draughts and the build-up of condensation. To prevent sloping roller carriages, a roller carriage support is used to ensure secure centring and fixing.

Another strength of the new lift-and-slide system is its attractive appearance. The flush design avoids the typical gaps in the fixed field and creates a modern, streamlined appearance which is also easy to clean. The narrow centre joint guarantees maximum light penetration. Schüco LivIngSlide offers a wide variety of design options thanks to its incorporation in the Schüco colour range.

Technical data

Frame installation width 194 mm

Leaf installation width 82 mm

Glazing unit thickness 24 mm – 52 mm

Acoustic insulation up to 42 dB

Thermal insulation Uf=1.3 W/(m2K)

Leaf weight up to 400 kg